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The Biodiversity Podcast

In keeping with our mission to spread the word about the need for biodiversity within gardening, our head gardener, Benny Hawksbee, was interviewed in Eden in April 2023 for the Biodiversity Podcast by Teasels.

You can view this podcast here: Episode 26 - Benny Hawksbee

The Standard

Benny Hawksbee was interviewed by George Hudson for an article in the Homes & Property section of the newspaper. In it he explains that wasps are not the villains many think they are and how they play an important role in pollinating and keeping pests in check.

Read the article from 30 September 2023 here:

Bees aren’t the be-all 

Gardener's World

In May 2022, Benny and some Eden volunteers were filmed for an episode of BBC's Gardeners' World.


It can be viewed here: 

Episode 25 (2022)

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Financial Times

Benny Hawksbee was interviewed by Tabi Jackson Gee for an article in the Garden section of the newspaper. In it he talks about persuading the local council to leave a fallen black poplar tree in situ which became a home for insects and a seat for people to rest on.

Read the article from 1 October 2021 here:

Darling buds of decay

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