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at Eden Nature Garden

Pond restoration Phase II

In January 2023, we began the second phase of the pond restoration. This involves laying down a grill style walkway, that planting can grow through, where the old decking used to be and more planting around the apiary area. Details about Phase I of the restoration are found below.

Educational signage 

We raised £2,200 for signs to welcome visitors and school children and direct them to look out for certain aspects of the garden’s flora and fauna. The first sign was erected in September 2022. We are currently working on the next sign focused on the pond and its wildlife.

Sustainable water capture

In 2022 we raised £3,375 to install a system to collect rainwater from the church roof, store it in water butts at the bottom of the garden enabling us to keep the pond topped up without relying on tap water. The project has been so successful and provided us with more than enough water to also easily irrigate the flowerbeds.

You can hover over the pictures on the left to read about the installation process.

Pond restoration Phase I

The pond is vital for biodiversity and is at the heart of the garden. Many species including Common Frogs and insects like bees live in and drink from the water. However, it became leaky causing it to dry out at several points in the year.


After launching a GoFundMe campaign and receiving separate generous donations, we had the £5,500 needed to refurbish the pond and the surrounding area. In November 2021, a group of volunteers got together and the pond was drained and relined.

Now the pond is healthy and survived the harsh 2022 summer.

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